News & Announcements

Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees

Due to rapidly increasing fees on the Bitcoin network we have been forced to considerably increase the miners fee we pay on BTC withdrawals. As a result we will be increasing the BTC withdrawal fee to 0.0015. We hope this is a temporary measure and we will be keeping a close watch on network fees with a view to reducing this fee in the near future. Furthermore we hope lightning networks will soon make this a problem of the past. We appreciate your understanding during this volatile period.

Minor Security Updates

We have added several small security upgrades including: 1 - Email login notifications. 2 - A lock account feature.

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be a short scheduled maintenance on the 16th of Feb. from 03:00 UTC - 03:15 UTC.

Night Mode Theme Added

We have added a new dark theme for those of you who like trading at night :)

Affiliate System Active

The affiliate payment system is now active. All commissions since the affiliate referral system was introduced have now been credited. Affiliate payments will now be processed daily.