News & Announcements

CoinExchange Discord

We are pleased to announce that we have created a Discord. We will be testing this throughout the coming weeks, but please come and join us in the interim @

Please be aware that our employees will ALWAYS carry the title of ‘CE OFFICIALS,’ where as individuals who carry the ‘CE FRIENDS' title are community moderators. We request that all Discord users do not trust any one claiming they are associated with CoinExchange who does not carry either of these titles.

News and Delistings Pages

We are pleased to announce some new features have been added to the CoinExchange website!

*Delistings ledger* –

At long last we have implemented the much anticipated Delistings ledger.

Utilise this space to view or track any projects that we have removed or are currently removing from August, 2018 onwards.

*News Page* –

We have created a ‘News Feed’ for CoinExchange so as to improve our capacity for communication with the community. Watch this space for any and all interesting or important news updates!

Stay tuned, there are many more exciting changes to come in the near future.

51% Attack Increase Warning

We have noticed an increase in 51% attacks on smaller bitcoin codebased chains. Please take care and do your own research when investing in smaller coins with less secure block chains. Attacks on these chains usually involve injecting invalid coins which results in having more balance internally than we are holding on the real chain due to the false deposits. We are working to actively mitigate these attacks in order to protect these smaller blockchains.

IP Address Verification

We are now requiring logins from new IP addresses to be verified by email.

Twitter Account Suspended

Please note our official Twitter account @coinexchangeio has been suspended by Twitter without warning or reason. This also happened to Kraken on the same day. We are trying to get our Twitter account re-activated immediately. IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to our attention that there are numerous fake CoinExchange Twitter accounts. Do NOT click on the links in these fake CoinExchange Twitter accounts as some will take you to phishing sites that will attempt to steal your login credentials.