News & Announcements

BTC Fees Update

Due to the high miners fees on the bitcoin network we will be introducing a minimum deposit fee on the 17th of January. Any deposit of less than 0.05 BTC will incur a fee of 0.0008 BTC. Deposits of equal to or less than 0.0008 will not be credited into a users account. has been spending close to or in excess of 3 BTC per day to dust clean smaller transactions out of our wallet. This is not sustainable. The minimum deposit fee will be used to help us group small transactions into larger outputs. Hopefully lightning network clients will be released soon which we can integrate into our system that will reduce BTC withdrawal fees. That will allow us to completely remove minimum deposit fees. In the meantime we will endevour to add more LTC, ETH and DOGE markets as well as adding a new QTUM base market.

System Updates

We are happy to announce some system improvements. 1 - New charts added to markets pages. The new charts add a host of indicators and tools to improve your trading experience. Currently the charts are still set to a minimum resolution of 1 hour. This will be upgraded to 1 minute soon along with real time updates. 2 - We have overhauled the ERC20 token deposit system, so deposits for ERC20 tokens should be processed much faster than previously. Thank you for your patience.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees

Due to rapidly increasing fees on the Bitcoin network we have been forced to considerably increase the miners fee we pay on BTC withdrawals. As a result we will be increasing the BTC withdrawal fee to 0.0015. We hope this is a temporary measure and we will be keeping a close watch on network fees with a view to reducing this fee in the near future. Furthermore we hope lightning networks will soon make this a problem of the past. We appreciate your understanding during this volatile period.

Minor Security Updates

We have added several small security upgrades including: 1 - Email login notifications. 2 - A lock account feature.

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be a short scheduled maintenance on the 16th of Feb. from 03:00 UTC - 03:15 UTC.