News & Announcements

Phishing Scam

Please be advised of a potential phishing scam originating from the following email address, This is not an official support email account and we recommend users DO NOT reply. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please raise a support ticket and a team member will respond in due course.

Storing Your Funds

In light of unfortunate recent events regarding Cryptopia we remind all traders to where ever possible not use exchanges to store funds. We recommend using cold storage or other secure means to store your funds and only deposit amounts in which you are wanting to trade.

DOGE Market Additions

We have listened to your concerns and have opened DOGE markets for a number of coins that were in low satoshi prices on the BTC markets. Please contact us if there is any further coins that you want to trade against DOGE.

Bitcoin Cash Fork

We have now credited users who held Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) at a 1:1 ratio. A BCHABC/BTC market has now been opened for trading. Withdrawals and deposits for BCHABC are halted until further notice. We will post further updates about Bitcoin Cash Satoshi's Vision (BCHSV) at a later stage.

1 BTC Bounty Offered to Remove the CoinExchange Twitter Suspension

Hello CoinExchange Crypto-Gurus.

As many of you are likely aware our Twitter account ( has been suspended for several months. We expect this came about from an automated purge as many others, including Crypto-Exchange ‘Kraken’, experienced the same issue. We have appealed for this suspension to be lifted on numerous occasions, but unfortunately our account remains suspended.

We did not receive any warning leading up to the account’s suspension; however, we have managed to ascertain that it occurred due to a ‘violation of Twitter’s rules.’ We cannot be sure of exactly which rules were broken, but if we did in fact breach Twitter policy we did so unintentionally and unknowingly.

We will continue to contact twitter in an attempt to lift the suspension, but at this point we are appealing to the broader community for assistance. To this end we would like to offer a 1 BTC bounty to the individual able to instigate the removal of the suspension.

If you are successful and can verifiably prove that the removal of the suspension was directly brought about through your personal effort, please email us at ''

Please DO NOT contact us with questions about this initiative as these will be ignored.

For those of who are reading this and wish to support us through other means, you can do so by tweeting:

“#UnsuspendCoinExchangeio @CoinExchangeio”

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Warm regards,

CoinExchange Team.