The Closure Notice Withdrawal Period has now Ended.

We will begin processing withdrawals shortly. Please be patient as we check through all submitted KYC documents.

Further Information

  • Withdrawals will be processed on a currency by currency basis, it may take some time for all of your withdrawals to be completed.
  • An email with a summary of your withdrawals will be sent on completion.
  • Please note our support portal is no longer operational.
  • We will endeavour to process all withdrawals however it must be noted that a number of currencies are defunct, unavailable or no longer operational. In cases such as these withdrawals cannot be processed.
  • If the balance you are withdrawing in a particular currency is less than the network transaction fee we will not be able to process your withdrawal for that currency.
  • A fee will be charged based on the costs plus a margin / percentage of funds withdrawn which will be determined at the end of the claim period.

31st of May 2021